Privacy Notice
When you place an order, we need the following information from you in order to process your order: your name, the delivery address and your email address to keep you up to date concerning your order. We will share your personal information exclusively with third parties that are involved in the execution of your order. The personal information that you provide us via our website and our webshop are registered in a database. With you permission, we use your data to inform you about developments concerning the webshop and special offers. We may also register which products you ordered before, to make it easier for you to do grocery shopping in our webshop. The databases of our webshop may also be used to make statistical and personal analyses, for instance to create special offers and email newsletters. In case you don’t want to receive (personal) special offers, you can indicate this in your personal account. In case you don’t want your personal information to be actively used in our database, you can also this in your personal account.
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